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Our Maine Coon cat for sale are kittens in big cat suits (sizes are up to 34.25lbs), gentle giants who are playful well into old age, as well as jumbo-sized packages of loving devotion. Maine Coon cats can also be reserved around people with whom they’re not familiar, probably due to their jumbo-sized brains. Given time, however, even the most cautious adapt. Most want to be near you on your lap. They are true family members and participate in all family routines, whether watching you channel surf from the comfort of the couch, or following you from room to room. As befits a former seafarer, Maine Coons are fascinated by water, perhaps because their thick coats are water-repellent and won’t become annoyingly soaked as easily as a thinner coat would.

Our Maine coon for sale, like American Shorthairs, are considered native to America because they’ve been on this continent since the colonial days, and perhaps longer. How they got here in the first place and where their progenitors came from, however, is anyone’s guess, since none of the local colonists happened by with their camera phones to record the event. Many imaginative stories exist about the origin of the breed (some more believable than others), but hard proof is as elusive as a cat at bath time. One story alleges that the breed is a raccoon/domestic cat hybrid, thus the name Maine Coon. Even though both raccoons and Maine coon cat adopt have lush, long tails and the tendency to dunk their food into their drinking water, such a union is biologically impossible.

Another anecdote, unlikely but at least possible, holds that the Maine Coon was produced by bobcat/domestic cat trysts, which would explain the ear and toe tufts and the impressive size of the breed. Regardless of where the breed came from, the Maine coon cat for sale near me(you) was one of the first breeds to be recognized by the late nineteenth-century cat fancy, and became an early favorite. However, in the early 1900s, as new and more exotic breeds were brought into the country, Maine coon cat adopt were abandoned for Persians, Angoras, and others. By 1950, the breed had all but vanished and in fact was declared extinct in the 1950s.

Maine Coon Kittens For sale

Coon Maine kittens have a sweet nature and are very playful and friendly. They enjoy human company and make good pets. Possibly because of their humble origins they are often found curled up in the strangest of places. They enjoy outdoor life and so need a chance to climb and simulate hunting. Our Maine coon cat for sale near me(You) are noted for the delightful quiet chirping sound they make. All of our adult cats or their lines have been screened for FLV/FIV and HCM, we are beginning to screen for SMA/PKD/PKdef. Your kitten will come with a one year genetic health guarantee, vet checked, spayed/neutered, shots, dewormed, and a goodie bag.

The Maine Coon Cat


"We have 2 cats from this Breeder and she is wonderful to work with. She takes great care of the animals, fully vaccinates them, is a pleasure to work with and visit. We love our Maine coon cat adopt and Bengal we got from her and highly recommend her if you are looking for one (or several) of these beautiful and well mannered animals. They have become an amazing part of our family and our kids adore them!."
Victoria Hunt
"We picked up our sweet Maine Coon boy just over a month ago and we couldn't have asked for a better breeder. From the day of deposit to the day we picked him up, Beth was nothing but helpful and engaging. She sent us growth updates and vaccine info as it was happening. This really helped us to bond with him before getting to meet him. Since we have had him we have no complaints other than his cuteness makes it hard to leave the house. Thank you again Beth for giving our Mushy a little brother."
Debra Barnett
"Coon House is amazing! I would recommend them (and do) to any, and every person interested in Maine Coon Cats. Bethanie was extremely professional, highly educated, and even became our good friend. My wife and I have had our all white Maine Coon "Raiden" for just over a year now. He has never been sick, comes from a great blood line, and has an amazing personality, and we have Coon House to thank!"
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