Giant Maine Coon

Giant Maine Coon: 5 of the Largest Maine Coon Cats in 2022

As its name suggests, the giant Maine coon is a breed of cat that is native to the state of Maine. As a breed, they have a long history in the United States; the first writings about this breed predate the American Civil War. The origins of the Maine Coon are not well understood, though there are many theories and myths. One such myth is that the Maine Coon is the result of breeding a cat with a raccoon. Although this theory has been debunked, it is easy to see why someone might believe it given the Maine Coon’s broad chest, fluffy tail, and the tufts of fur around its face and ears that give it a shape similar to a raccoon’s.

Despite the myths surrounding the Maine Coon’s origins, the most likely scenario is that these cats are a cross between a long-haired cat breed brought by European settlers and an American domestic breed.

Why Are Maine Coons So Large?

If you’ve never seen a Maine Coon, you might be surprised at how big this breed can get. Females typically weigh up to 12 pounds, while males are a bit heavier at 15-18 pounds. Nose to tail, they can be over 3 feet long. But why are they so much bigger than the average domestic cat breed?

One reason the Maine Coon is so large is that these cats mature more slowly than other cat breeds. This allows their overall bone structure and muscles to grow larger. Their environment also has something to do with it. As natives of Maine, their natural environment is very cold for much of the year. Their larger body mass helps them retain more body heat.

Perhaps the best answer for why Maine Coons are so big, however, is because they were bred that way! Larger Maine Coon cats are bred together because their massive size is impressive and unique. In cat shows, the large size of the Maine Coon is one part of the breed standard, so breeders are incentivized to produce larger cats.

They are quite large cats on average, however, some Maine Coons are even bigger! Now that you know a bit more about Maine Coons, we will feature some of the largest Maine Coons from around the world.

10 of the Largest Maine Coon Cats From Around the World

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